The iKids™: Cot Mattress

RPL Manufacture The ikids™ Cot Mattresses, using 100% British Made Foam. This means that the foam meets all of our very stringent Fire and Health and Safety UK standards. All foam used conforms to the Furniture Regulations, Schedule 1: Part 1, Crib 5 fire standards.

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The foam used is Richguard Extra which is CFC free (Chlorofluocarbons)
Foam is naturally anti bacterial, hypoallergenic, dust mite and bed bug resistant to ensure a safe night sleep for our ‘little ones’.

The ikids™ Cot Mattresses are made using high-tech cutting machinery. This will enable us to be able to tailor make any size of mattress to fit any cot shape or size. So the antique cot can be revamped, dusted down and brought into the 20th Century with the knowledge a mattress can be made to order using the most up to date foam available on the British market.

The foam is then protected with a zipped on, x3 way stretch, PU cover. The PU cover is vapour permeable, which means it is ‘breathable’, to help regulate the babies body temperature. It is also anti bacterial and waterproof. The cover can be removed and washed up to 95* to ensure that it is maintained hygienically clean at all times.

The PU cover also conforms to the British Fire standard, BS7175, Crib 5.

If you have a special requirement for a specific child’s need then The ikids™ cot mattresses can be designed and adapted for the individual. Our modern machinery can castellate the top surface to provide superior pressure relief where needed. Equally the base of the mattress can be castellated to ensure the foam will bend and flex for any action assisted bed movements.

The ikids™ cot mattress is the safe UK choice and can be adapted to all of your children’s individual requirements.

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