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RPL can produce various types and sizes of mattresses from medical through to student mattresses. We cater for both volume orders and for the individually designed sleeping solutions. We can provide locally made zipped on fabric cover, PU covers and fully welded medical covers.

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RPL can produce various different types of custom made mattresses both for the medical market and the domestic market. We can work with individual companies to develop new combinations of foam grades. By doing this we can develop different and individual levels of softness or firmness. The custom made mattresses that we produce can accommodate any type of sleeping preference.

RPL can custom make from one individual mattress to hundreds. So the size of the mattress can be to standard UK dimensions or if you have an unusual size bed we can custom make to the size required also.


A quality mattress makes a huge difference to all of our lives. If we can get a good nights sleep we function better at work and in our personal lives. The quality of the mattress we choose can be the difference between a good or bad nights sleep.

This is why it is very much a personal choice when we choose a mattress. This personal preference can mean we have to have the option of choosing custom made mattresses for our own specific needs.

Here at RPL we can produce the medical Bariatric mattresses with pressure relieving castellations or more akin to the domestic market memory foam mattresses which are still very popular. We have a great working relationship with both a medical cover and a domestic UK cover manufacturer so all of your choices of fabrics can be worked into a great looking and feeling mattress.


RPL not only offer the foam core custom made mattresses but we have another facility that can produce British Made fabric stretch mattress covers. These covers are meticulously sewn in a Yorkshire Mill. The attention to detail will make your mattress appearance as individual as the mattress foam choices.

We have a choice of fabrics that not only look great but can thermoregulate the body whilst you sleep. If however you wish to provide your own fabric that is another choice you can make.


We also, at RPL, produce mattresses for the student market,

These mattresses are created with not only the living needs of the student in mind but the environment as well. The Student custom made mattresses, are branded The Crash Pad. The Crash Pad custom made mattresses can be solid foam or memory foam toppers or even have the advanced VL luxury tops. The style and design is yours to decide.

We offer a solid foam mattress which is hypoallergenic, anti bacterial and bed bug resistant all of which are definite benefits for the student market. The PU cover is anti bacterial, vapour permeable and waterproof and is fully removable and machine washable up to 75*. So the mattress can be kept hygienically clean at all times which is a definite bonus in the student market.

When the life of the mattress has reached the end, the foam mattress can be removed and returned to RPL for recycling. But the cover can be retained, washed and put onto a new foam mattress. This ability to return the foam mattress will reduce the strain on land fill sites as the foam is 100% recyclable. Foam is recycled by granulating it to make reconstituted foam, which is often used in carpet underlay.

This makes the foam mattress a far ‘greener’ solution for the environment. So when considering a revamp of student accommodation consider both the students needs and the environment as the RPL student mattress can tick all the boxes.

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